Wednesday, February 22, 2006

NEW: mrc's Online
application development lab

We have just added a powerful new educational feature on our Web site:
mrc's new Online lab!

Try your hand at creating Java servlets in minutes to see the power for yourself!

There is nothing to download because it's all live via the Web, and you can sign up now and do it whenever you have the time (start to finish is around 45 minutes).

If you are a current mrc customer using m-Power or mrc's Web interface, you can probably already attest to the power of this lab.

One favor. We just ask that once you have completed the lab, you let us know so we can recycle your environment and make it available to others who want to try it. So, once you're done, just click here to send us an email.

To try the online lab go here:

If you have any questions, or you run into any problems, just give me a call at 630-916-0662, or send me an email at

Have fun!


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